Myxoma… An Enigma!

Volume 17 | Issue 3 | July – September 2022 | Page 26-28 | Gurunath Shankar Kulkarni, Himanshu Gurunath Kulkarni, Sidheshwar Shrikrushna Thosar

Authors: Gurunath Shankar Kulkarni [1], Himanshu Gurunath Kulkarni [1], Sidheshwar Shrikrushna Thosar [1]

[1] Shraddha Surgical and Accident Hospital, Civil Hospital Chowk, Ambedkar Road, Sangli, Maharashtra 416416, India


Address of Correspondence

Dr. Sidheshwar Shrikrushna Thosar,

Shraddha Surgical and Accident Hospital, Civil Hospital Chowk, Ambedkar Road, Sangli,  Maharashtra 416416, India



Although not rare, myxomas are benign tumours of uncommon incidence. Intramuscular myxomas are of very rare occurrence, incidence ranging from 0.1 to 0.13 per 100,000. Less than 200 cases of Intramuscular myxoma have been reported in literature by now and to the best of our knowledge, none of them in Peroneus longus. We report a case of intramuscular myxoma found in Peroneus Longus of a 32 year old male. A 32 year old male presented with a painless lump on upper part of his right leg. The swelling had gradually increased in size since its appearance 8 months prior to his visit. On MRI location into peroneus longus confirmed. Surgical excision done and histopathology was suggestive of myxoma. We report probably the first case of an intra muscular myxoma of Peroneus longus muscle. From an orthopaedic surgeons point of view, possibility of Mazabraud’s syndrome should be kept in mind and skeletal survey should be carried out if needed to rule out fibrous dysplasia.

Keywords: Myxoma, peroneus longus, Surgical excision, intramuscular, Mazabraud’s syndrome


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