Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association Year 1 Volume 3 – March 2006

Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association
Year 1  Volume 3 – March 2006


Editorial                                                                         Page

1. Fractures of Radial Head and Neck                                                            115

Dr.Rajendra Abhyankar
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2. Minimally Invasive Cemented Total Hip Replacement                              119

Dr.Darius Soonawalla
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3. Review of Cemented Metal Backed Acetabular Cups:                               121

Do They Have A Role?

Dr.Parag Sancheti, Dr.L.Cochrane, Dr.W.Hadden, Dr.R.Abboud
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4.Polytrauma in Rural India                                                                            129

Dr.Satish Goyal, Dr.K.H.Sancheti, Dr.Kiran Shete
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5. Distractor for Closed Nailing of Radius and Ulna                                        134

Dr.Ajit Phadke, Dr.Chandrashekhar Kulkarni
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6. Proximal Femoral Fractures                                                                       138

Prof. Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar
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7. Evaluation of Cervical Spine Lesions                                                         150

Dr.Sunil Nadkarni
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8. The mode of Inheritance and Other Variables in Idiopathic                      152

Talipes Equinovarus

Dr.R.S.Kulkarni, Dr.Miss Rachana R Kulkarni, Dr.Shri. B.M.patil
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9. Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Orthopaedics                              156

Dr.Ajit Modak
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