Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association Oct – Dec 2012

Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association 

Oct-Dec 2012 | Year 7 | Issue 4

ISSN 2278 – 6651

Table of Contents


Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan
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Original Articles

2. Functional benefit of management of severely deformed neglected club foot with Posterior Medial Release and JESS

Dr. Ajit Shinde, Dr. Raviraj Shinde, Dr. Neelima Shinde.        

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3. Management of Type A Supracondylar Fractures of Femur with Dynamic Condylar Screw (DCS)

Dr. Sunil V. Patil, Dr. P.B. Magdum, Dr. Nagesh P.Naik

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Case Reports

4. Management of “Terrible triad of Hotchkiss” with primary Radial head replacement, Coronoid osteosynthesis and lateral collateral ligament repair.

Dr. Tushar Ubale, Dr. Atul Kharat, Dr.  Atul Bhaskar
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5.  Jumpers’ Sacral Fracture with spinopelvic dissociation with Clay- Shoveler’s and calcaneal fracture

Dr. Anoop C. Dhamangaonkar,  Dr. Arvind B. Goregaonkar , Dr. Deepak Joshi,  Dr. Akhil A. Tawari

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6.  Post Osteomyelitis Pathological Fracture in JOB`S Syndrome.

Dr. Rahul Salunkhe, Dr. Shradha Salunkhe, Dr. Rahul Mehta , Dr. Deep Rajani

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7.  Traumatic Bilateral Anterior and Posterior Dislocation of Hip – A Case Report

Dr. Murarka Kailash , Dr. Murarka Achin K

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8.  Primary hydatid cyst in calf muscle : a rare occurence

Dr. Vaibhav Srivastav,  Dr. Thangjam Gautam Singh, Dr. Pooja Singhania,  Dr. Bhushan Lakhkar

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Expert Opinion

9. Management of Peripheral Nerve Injuries – Radial Nerve Palsy with Closed Humerus Shaft Fracture

Dr. Anil Bhatia

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10. Role of Electrophysiology in the Management of Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Dr. Sudhir Warrier

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Book Review

11. THE KNEE: Reconstruction, Replacement and Revision – By Dr Javad Parvizi

Dr. Surendra Patil

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Letter to Editor

12. Dr. Chirag Thonse
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