JTOS July – September 2020


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Original Articles

1. Outcome of patients with proximal tibial plateau fractures treated with small fragment plates
Sunil G. Kulkarni, Siddharth S. Vakil, Madhura S. Kulkarni, Ashish A. Desai, Saksham R. Tripathi, Ashok Shyam

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i3.240

2. A study of functional and clinical outcome for augmentation plating with tension band wiring for complex patella fractures
Shreya R Joshi, Sunil G Kulkarni, Vidhisha Kulkarni, Shekhar Malve, Nikhil Lambat, Tejas Patil

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i3.242

3. To study the incidence and correlation of hypovitaminosis ‘D’ in distal radius fracture in patients above 50 years age
Ganesh V. Perke, Ashok Shyam, Yogesh Panchwagh, Parag Sancheti

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i3.244

4. Treatment of proximal tibia fractures with locking compression plate: a prospective study
Shailendra R. Patil, Ajay A.Nayakawadi

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i3.246

Case Report

5. A rare case of tendoachilles rupture at 2 junctions
Prakash Samant, Pankaj Singh, Pratik Dhabalia, Siddhant Binyala

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i3.248

6. Surgical Management of Acute Distal Biceps Rupture- A Case Report
Anurag H. Daxini, Vijay M. Panchanadikar

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i3.250