JTOS July – Sep 2018


1. Brush aside your hesitancy for Research
Ashok Shyam

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.108


Original Articles

2.Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation – II with Antirotation screw – Treatment for stable and unstable Intertrochanteric fractures in Asian patients
Suresh Kripalani, Umesh Shelke, Sunil Kulkarni, Siddharth Vakil, Jayant Bhosale, Gurucharan S

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.109


3. Management of Complications Following Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation for Intertrochanteric Fracture Femur in Rural India
Yashwant J Mahale, Harshal G Patil

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.110


4. Stability of Raft construct through Locking Compression Plate for depressed Tibial Plateau Fractures
Suresh Kripalani, Gurucharan S, Sunil Kulkarni, Siddharth Vakil, Jayant Bhosale, Umesh Shelke

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.111


5.Does rigidity related Mechanical Construct factors affect Union Time of distal Femur Fractures treated with Locking Plates?
Ashutosh H Bhosale, Amol Dhawale

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.112


Case Reports

6. An Unusual swelling in Tibia: Osteochondroma in an Adult
Nareshkumar Satyanarayan Dhaniwala, Sohael Khan, Shashank Jain, Mukund Naresh Dhaniwala

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.113


7. Tibiotalocalcaneal (ankle &subtalar) Arthrodesis By Distal Femoral Nailt
Sarang Vyawahare, Rajeev Mohagaonkar, Uday Phute, Amey R Gursale

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2018.v05i01.114