JTOS July – Aug 2016


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VOLUME 11  |  ISSUE 3  | July – August  2016


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Table of Content

1. Memoirs from my Journey as Secretary of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association
Dr Nitin Deshpande

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2. What Not to do When You Plan to Write a Scientific Article for First time in your Life
Dr. Ashok Shyam

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Expert Review

3. Congenital Scoliosis and Kyphosis – A Brief Clinical Overview
Dr. Ketan Khurjekar, Dr. Devarati Khurjekar, Dr. Shailesh Hadgaonkar, Dr. Mayur Kardile
Original Articles

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Original Articles

4. Unstable Intertrochanteric fractures: Comparison of Proximal Femoral Nail Anti-rotation 2
and Short Proximal Femoral Nail
Dr. Sunil G. Kulkarni, Dr. Pradhyumn P. Rathi, Dr. Govind S. Kulkarni, Dr. Sagar P. Saxena, Dr. Priyanshu
P. Dixit

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5. Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy with insertion of Platelet Rich Fibrin (Derwan) plug
Dr. Sunil M Nadkarni, Dr. Pawankumar Kohli, Dr. Satishchandra Gore, Dr. Bhagyashree Kulkarni, Dr. Bhupesh Patel D

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6.Management and Functional Outcome of Closed Intercondylar Distal Humerus Fractures Treated
with Dual Plating in Adults.
Dr. Vidisha S. Kulkarni, Dr. Sagar Saxena, Dr. Sunil G. Kulkarni, Dr. Parag Bharat Shah, Dr. Priyanshu
Dixit, Dr. Nitish Arora, Dr. B. Harshavardhana Reddy

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7. To Study the Effects of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Wound Healing and Infection
in Heterogenous Group of Wounds
Dr. Madhura S Kulkarni, Dr. Shekhar P Malve, Dr. Govind S Kulkarni, Dr. Sunil G Kulkarni,
Dr. Ameya M Sawarkar, Dr. Ruta M Kulkarni

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