JTOS Jan – Mar 2020


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1. A tracker-less image-based, non-invasive, real time, universal navigation system for guide wire positioning
Vijay Panchanadikar, Gauri Oka

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i1.200

2. A Prospective Study Of Functional And Radiological Outcome Of Intraarticular Distal End Radius Fractures Treated With Volar Locking Compression Plate
Suresh Kripalani, Manojit Basak, Vidisha Sunil Kulkarni, Tejas Patil, Krishan Kabra

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i1.202

3. Ipsilateral shoulder and elbow dislocation : case report
Raphael Thomas, M Raffic, Anoop S

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i1.204

4. Evaluation of functional outcome in metacarpal and phalangeal fractures treated by K-wiring versus Mini-plating
Ashok Ghodke, Ashish Naik, Parimal Malviya, Deepak Jain, Ananya Sharma

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i1.206

5. Role of containment in late onset and early healed perthes-functional outcome
Mohammed Ashraf, Shinas B Salam, Siyad Ahammad

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2020.v15i1.208