JTOS April – June 2017


 pISSN 2456–1193

VOLUME 12  |  ISSUE 2  | April – June  2017

Editorial Board

Table of Content


1. New Editorial Board for JTOS
Dr. Ashok Shyam

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.074


2. Bilateral Flail Chest: a review

Dr. Bradley Phillips, Dr. Erin Murray, Dr. Stephanie Holzmer

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.075

Original Articles

3. Outcome of Instrumentation in Spinal Tuberculosis
Dr. Mahesh M, Dr. Vinay Jain K, Dr. Ravikumar T V

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.076

4. Study of Outcome of Intra-Articular Fractures of Calcaneum Treated Surgically By Plating
Dr. Yashwant J Mahale, Dr. Sagar Sudhakar Chinchole, Dr. Shubham Mishra

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.077

5. Study of Outcome of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Treated By Arthroscopic Anatomical Reconstruction Using Quadrupled Hamstring Graft
Dr. Shrikant B Deshpande, Dr. Sujay Mahadik, Dr. Nagesh P Naik, Dr. Amit Munde, Dr. Shreyansh J Parakh

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.078

Case Report

6. Monteggia Fracture Dislocation with Ipsilateral Distal Radius – Ulna Fracture in a Child

Dr. Yugal Karkhur, Dr. Anurag Tiwari, Dr. Nishit Bhatnagar

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.079

7. Pycnodysostosis A Case Report: Unusual Presentation with Pathological Tibial Fracture Treated and Confirmed With Genetic Analysis
Dr. Rahul Bansal, Dr. PB Mohammed Farook, Dr. Angad Jolly, Dr. Idris Kamran

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.080

8. Tuberculous Osteomyelitis with Superadded Pyogenic Infection of Acromion Process of Scapula without a Primary Focus
Dr. Shrikant Janardhan Gore, Dr. Umesh Sidheshwar Kanade, Dr. Viraj Jitendra Sadrani

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doi- 10.13107/jto.2017.v05i01.081