JTOS April – June 2015


 pISSN  2278 – 6651 

VOLUME 10  |  ISSUE 2  | April – June  2015

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1. Journal Guidelines
Dr. Ashok Shyam

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2.  Consent
Dr. Qaid Dhariwal

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Original Articles

3. Autologous platelet rich plasma therapy in Lateral Epicondylitis of Elbow
Dr. Vijaya BT, Dr. Hardikar SM, Dr. Lande O

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4. A study assessing Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) as an educational tool to
Evaluate performance Skills and Awareness of management of Common Orthopaedic emergencies in
Dr. Dileep A. Devasthali, Dr. Ashish S. Ranade, Dr. Prashant Bhandari

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Case Reports

5. Use of Tri-calcium phosphate Crystals with Cefuroxime Axetil Powder in skeletally immature
patient of Femur Osteomyelitis : Case report
Dr. Sandeep Pangavane, Dr. Nitin Wagh, Dr. Sagar Kelkar , Dr. Bharat Kelkar

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6. Dislocation of Thumb Carpo-Metacarpal Joint: Case Report.
Dr. Amit Chandrakant Supe, Dr. Candrashekhar M Badole, Dr. Kiran N. Wandile

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7. One Stitch Technique for Core Decompression in Ficat 2a Avascular Necrosis of Head of Femur &
Comparision with Conventional Technique.
Dr. P.G. Kulkarni, Dr. P.V.Naveen Kumar, Dr. Hitesh Patel, Dr. Utkal Dudhwala

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Book Review

8. Book Review: Manual of Infection Control in Orthopaedic Surgery: Operation theatre Protocols and Patient
Editors: Parag Sancheti, Rajeev Joshi, Ashok Shyam, Steve Rocha.
Dr. Ashish Ranade

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