Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association September 2011 Year 6 issue 1

Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association | September 2011 | Year 6 | issue 1

Table of Contents


Dr Sandeep Patwardhan
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Operative Management of Fracture Proximal Humerus

2. Functional Outcome of Treatment of Proximal Humeral Fractures with Close Reduction and K Wire Fixation
Dr Baldev Dudani, Dr Sumit Dusad

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3. Locking Plate Osteosynthesis in the Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fracture
Dr Chetan Pradhan, Dr Atul patil, Dr Chetan Puram, Dr Steve Rocha, Dr Ashok Shyam, Dr Sunny Gugale, Dr Parag Sancheti

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4. Shoulder Arthroplasty for Proximal Humerus Fractures
Dr. Ashish Babhulkar

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 Original Articles

5. Role of Intradiscal Ozone in Treatment of Acute and Chronic Lumbar Disc Pathology –Prospective Cohort series
Dr Prasham Shah, Dr Ashok Shyam, Dr Sambhav Shah

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6. Evaluation of “Hybrid fine wire external fixation“ as definitive treatment modality for tibial plateau fractures
Dr Devendra N Vartak,  Dr Atul A Patil, Dr Madhav  S Khadilkar, Dr Nakul  S Shah, Dr Vijay V Nemade, Dr Tushar  S Date.

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7. An analysis of osteoporotic indices as measured by DEXA scan in different parts of upper end of femur and its role as a predictor for severity of fracture neck femur – Results of a pilot study
Dr Steve Rocha, Dr Onkar Sudame, Dr Chetan Pradhan, Dr Atul Patil, Dr Ashok Shyam, Dr Parag Sancheti

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8. Preliminary results of arthrolysis of the elbow utilizing the TRAP approach
Dr Parihar Mangal, Dr Veliath Dinesh,  Dr Mechoor KrishnaKumar, Dr Ahuja Divya.

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Technical notes

9. Limb lengthening over a Plate
Dr Ruta Kulkarni
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10. Intrafocal Pinning for radial neck fractures in Children
Dr Sandeep Patwardhan

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11. The Humble Toothbrush – A simple and inexpensive tool for bone surface preparation in cemented total knee arthroplasty
Dr Gautam M Shetty,Dr  Arun Mullaji.

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Case Reports

13. Multicentric Giant Cell Tumour of Lower End Fibula, Calcaneum, Cuboid, Fifth Metatarsal
Dr. SM Hardikar, Dr Madan Hardikar, Dr Venkat Banerjee, Dr Sameer Shelke.

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14. Fracture of the Scapula with Lateral Column Fracture:  A Case Report
Dr Dhananjay Parab, Dr JB  Panse,  Dr Satish Uchale, Dr Harshwardhan Chandane, Dr Amish Shah.

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15. A rare case of lethal invasive mucormycosis of lower limb in an immunocompetent trauma patient
Dr Chirag TN, Dr Atul Patil, Dr Ashok Shyam, Dr Parag Sancheti

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Expert Opinion

16. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – An Uncommonly diagnosed common differential of extremity pain and tingling
Dr Nitin Deshpande

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Book Review

17. Vertebroplasty MADE EASY by Dr Arvind Bhave
Dr Ashok Shyam

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Letter to Editor

Dr Sudhir Warrier
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