Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association June – Sep 2008


1.Infected Non-union                                           

Dr. G.S. Kulkarni

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2.A Retrospective Study of B-twin expandable Titanium Stand Alone Interbody Fusion For Degenerative Disc Versus Microlumbar Disketomy and PLIF

Dr. Kohli Amit, Dr. Chaddha Ram, Dr. Vatchha Sharookh

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3.Displaced Fore Arm Fracture Fixation In Children with Keyhole Intermodullary Nailing with “Lambrinudi Wires”               

Dr. B. Shivshankar, Dr. V.M Iyer

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4.Humerus Fractures- Treatment by Multiple Flexible IM nails      

Dr. Ajit Phadake, Dr. Chandrashekhar Kulkarni, Dr. Hemant Patankar

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5.Short Proximal Femoral Nail (Traffon Nail) For Trochanteric Fractures- An Analysis of 100 Cases                                                                                                    

Dr. Gadegone Wasudeo. M., Dr. Yogesh S. Salphale

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6.Concomitant Injuries of Lower End Radius and Scaphoid-A Report of Two Cases

Dr. Salphale Y.S., Dr. Gadegone W. M., Dr. Sonwalkar H.A, Dr. Shishir Navghare

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7.Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Upper End of Fibula-A case Report           

Dr. (Col) S. K. Biswas, Dr. Rahul Salunke, Dr. Dhawal Patel. Dr. Parag Nahata, Dr. Samir Deshmukh

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8.Tuberculous Lesion of Cervical spine with Osteolytic Lesion in shaft Femur-A case Report       

 Dr. (Col) S. K. Biswas Dr. Satish Sonar, Dr. Rahul Salunke, Dr. Samir Deshmukh, Dr. Parag Nahata

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9. Book Review                                       

Dr. S. M Navare

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