Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association April – June 2012

Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association 

April-June 2012 | Year 7 | Issue 2

ISSN 2278 – 6651

Table of Contents


Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan
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Original Articles

2. Angle stable osteosynthesis- our experience in 50 patients with proximal humerus fractures

Dr. Mahantesh.Y.Patil , Dr. A.B.Patil , Dr. Sharat Balemane

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3.Comparative Study of Role of Tranexamic Acid in Reduction of Blood Loss in Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Dr. Goenka Harshit K, Dr. Ajit V Phadke , Dr. Manish Sethi

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4. Role of Alendronate in Perthes Disease: is there a disease modifying role?

Dr. Atul Bhaskar

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5. Comparison of Functional Outcomes Following Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction Using Trans-Tibial Technique and Trans-Portal Technique

Dr. Avinash Pulate, Dr. Anil Jadhav , Dr. Sagar Kakatkar

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Case Reports

6. Intra thoracic Dislocation of Humeral Head- a Case Report

Dr. Harshad G Argekar , Dr. Satish Dharap , Dr. Abhijeet Kale , Dr. Geeta Ghag

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Expert Opinion

7. Bone scintiscanning in Orthopedics

Dr. Shrikant Solav

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8. Hemiepiphysiodesis using 8-plate: a promising tool for correction of angular deformities around knee, in paediatric population.

Dr. Viraj Uttamrao Shingade

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Book Review

9.  Spinal Infections and Trauma-By Dr S. Rajasekaran

Dr. Ketan Khurjekar

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Letter to Editor

10. Dr. Alankar Ramteke
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