Guidelines and current evidence in medical therapy of spinal tuberculosis-Comprehensive review

Volume 16 | Issue 1 | January-March 2021 | Page 17-23 | Munjal Shah, Harshal Bamb, Abhay Nene

Authers: Munjal Shah [1], Harshal Bamb [2], Abhay Nene [3]

[1] Department of Spine, Aims Hospital, Ahmedabad.
[2] Department of Spine, Global Hospital, Mumbai.
[3] Department of Spine, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Munjal Shah,
Plot No. 1322/A/2,
Sector 7-D, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.


Tuberculosis is a major health problem in developing countries, and India is considered endemic for the disease. Tuberculosis of the spine is one of the most common extrapulmonary manifestations.The management of spinal tuberculosis has come to a full circle. It has evolved drastically from an era of conservative treatment due to lack of good surgical techniques to an era of aggressive surgery with anterior reconstructions and now to conservative treatment with better availability of diagnostic methods and understanding of pharmacology of drugs. Despite the widespread availability of anti-tubercular drugs, the global incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis continues to rise. This has been attributed to different factors like MDR-TB, and difficulty in diagnosis of tuberculosis. Spinal tuberculosis is essentially a medical disease . Successful outcome of spinal tuberculosis relies upon appropriate diagnosis and proper dosage of drugs.
Keywords: Spinal tuberculosis, medical disease, diagnosis,conservative treatment.


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