Arthrodiatais – Articulated Distraction of the Joints

Volume 12 | Issue 4 | Oct-Dec 2017 | Page 17-19 | Wachche Gurunath S, G S Kulkarni, Ruta Kulkarni

Authers: Wachche Gurunath S[1], G S Kulkarni[1], Ruta Kulkarni[1]

[1] Post Graduate Institute of Swasthiyog Prathistahn , Station Road Extension Area , Miraj , Maharashtra -416410, India

Address for correspondence:
Dr Wachche Gurunath S.
Associate Professor Orthopedics.
Post Graduate Institute of Swasthiyog Prathistahn , Station Road Extension Area , Miraj , Maharashtra -416410, India


Background: Arthrodiatasis has a broad clinical application in the conditions where the joint motion and stability of the joint is needed.We have studied 30 cases involving the various joints in which we have distracted the joint gradually to achieve mobility and stability.
Keywords: Arthrodiatasis – Articulated distraction of the joints- Intraarticular fractures.


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